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Dependable Energy That Saves You Money

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About SolarAdvantages

solar advantages

SolarAdvantages LLC, is a is a proud Veteran Owned & Operated Company, providing full-service solar solutions for residential, commercial, and non-profit customers across the United States. We are dedicated to educating, explaining, and ultimately upgrading homeowners to solar. Our customers are taking advantage of the federal and state funded programs that make the transition a no-brainer. 

The common misconception that solar systems are expensive with a big upfront cost is not true at all. Solar savings start immediately from the moment you decide to learn all about it. 

Our team loves educating homeowners and providing them the tools to save their hard earned money.


Our team delivers home energy solutions that save you money and lower your carbon footprint.
What will you do with the results?
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Should You Go Solar?

Given how many solar installations there are throughout the country, you may already be able to envision what a good fit for solar looks like. There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when installing solar panels and switching to a more eco-friendly energy source. Several factors are worth considering to help determine if your home or business is a good candidate for solar:

It's a simple process that only requires
your utility bill to get started.

Step 1   Collect Your Energy Bill

Step 2   Review a Custom Proposal

Step 3   Select the Best Plan

Step 4   Sign Contract

Step 5   Get Started